Services of a Cat Sitter

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Below are three reasons our clients use TAILored Pet Services’ Cat Sitting Service:

1. They feel uncomfortable asking friends or loved ones to care for their furry babies

2. Their cat has special needs such as medication or unique feeding instructions.

3. They are looking for the most knowledgeable, reliable and professional pet sitting service in the area.

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Still unsure about hiring an cat sitter? Many of our current clients asked the questions below:


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More information about our cat sitting:

Each cats has different needs and requirements so our vacation care is not a one size fits all. We take great pride in the personalized service and attention we provide each cat and their owner.

We start the visit by checking on all the cats to ensure they are healthy and provide love/attention if they allow it. During visit, we will feed everyone, scoop the litter boxes and ensure they have fresh water. We also provide vital home-care services: picking up mail and/or newspaper, placing trash outside for pickup, alternating lights and opening/closing the blinds to make your house look lived in.
We always leave a progress report after each visit; however, we can also send you a text message so you can spend your vacation relaxing rather than worrying about your cats.

TAILored Pet Services believes in developing a bond between your cat and sitter so that they are more relaxed when you leave them. Before we schedule service, we do a complimentary meeting to ensure the sitter is a good fit. Your feline friend will be assigned a primary sitter; however, we work as a team so a back-up sitter us available in case of illness to ensure your cat doesn’t miss a visit. Our goal is to provide you with the same sitter each time you request service. If that isn’t possible, we will provide you the opportunity to meet the new sitter prior to your departure to ensure everyone is comfortable with the new arrangements.

Rest assured that our company is licensed, bonded and insured and many of our sitters are certified in Pet First Aid/CPR. If your cat needs medical attention, we will take her to her own vet or the nearest 24-hour emergency care center.

Having your cats visited at home has a number of benefits such as less stress because they remain in their own environment, stays on a consistent schedule since regular diet and routine are followed, removes exposure to other pet illnesses, receives personalized attention and eliminates the need to transport to another location. Under our care, your cat will be healthy and happy when you return from vacation.

Ready to book Fluffy a cat nanny?